1.        General terms and conditions
1.1.     General terms and conditions (hereinafter general conditions) of the company Digitklik d.o.o., Špruha 31, Trzin (hereinafter referred as Digitklik) are integral part of all contracts between Digitklik and its customers or third parties (hereinafter reffered to as clients), that do bussiens with Digitklik
1.2.     The terms of  general conditions apply also to all offers, pre-contracts, contracts, legal statements and other services resaulting from busienss between Digitklik and the client.
1.3.     Digitklik operates at the headquarters of the company, which is Špruha 31, 1236 Trzin.
1.4.     The customers can also contact Digitklik by phone at the number 00386 01 777 8400 or by e-mail info@digitklik.si.
1.5.     Use of terms:
1.5.1.    The Client is any natural person or legal person, who is in a legal relationship with Digitklik, regardless of its legal or status form.
1.5.2.    The consumer is any party that is a natural person who buys or uses Digitklik's goods or services for personal purposes or for purposes outside his professional or acquisition activity.
1.5.3.    Offer is a single term for offer in variety of forms such as pro forma invoice or other form of proposition to conclude a contract offered by Digitklik to the customer.  
1.5.4.    Order form is a document in written,electronic or other notice that customer uses to comunicate his/her request for pro forma and/or conclusion of the contract/ invoice.   
1.5.5.    Contract  is a written agreement between Digitklik and the client. For the conclusion of a contract, the offer or pro forma invoice which Digitklik sends to the client and the client accepts or approves it is also counted. The general terms and conditions are an integral part of each contract.
1.5.6.    Subject of the contract:
            o    goods, which may be all products from our sales catalog,
            o    software, service.
1.6.     About informing the client of  the delivery, conclusion, withdrawal or modification of the contract and any other information the sending theory shall apply. This means that the date on which Digitklik dispatches notice via communication medium.
1.7.     All notices to clients relating to the supply of the subject of the contract, conclusion, withdrawal or other information are provided by Digitklik via e-mail to the address provided by the client. Digitklik also informs via regular mail, telephone or other means agreed upon by the client.
1.8.     Digitklik's working hours are:
           Shop:  from Monday to Thursday from 08.00 am to 17.00.pm,  friday: from 08.00 am-15.00 pm and
           Repair shop: from Monday to Friday from  08.00 am -13.00 pm.
2.       Use of general business conditions
2.1.    The general terms and conditions here are preferential, therefore they completely replace the missing, different and contradictory contractual terms between the parties.
2.2.    The general terms and conditions herein replace any general terms and other customer documents unless Digitklik explicitly agrees with them
2.3.    The general terms and conditions herein constitute an integral part of the contracts concluded between the client and Digitklik. By signing a contract or by any different entering into a contractual relationship, the customer agrees fully with the content of the general terms and conditions. The customer hereby 
          expressly recognizes that for all mutual legal relations only general terms of Digitklik apply. If the client wants to cooperate and act in a contractual relationship with Digitklik, is obligedto accept the general terms and conditions in full and in the form in which they are.
2.4.    The general terms and conditions  shall apply in addition to general statutory regulations, they are considered as a separate special act.
2.5.    The general terms and conditions  are constantly accessible on the website: digitklik.si. they are also available at Digitklik's headquarters .
2.6.    By signing a contract or other legal act, the customer is considered to be fully acquainted with the content of the general terms and conditions.
2.7.    The general terms and conditions are binding on the consumer only if their existence has been explicitly warranted before the conclusion of the contract, pro forma invoice, pre-contract or offer.      The consumer must be aware of all the possibilities to be fully informed, in a comprehensible and accessible way, by
          general terms
3.       Changes to general business conditions
3.1     Digitklik undertakes that any change to the general terms and conditions will be published on the website digitklik.si  with the date on which the change takes effect.
3.2     Digitklik undertakes that the customers or their legal representatives shall be informed in an appropriate manner of any change to the general terms and conditions. The parties will be notified by e-mail or by post, by telephone or by any other means expressly agreed between Digitklik and the client
3.3     The general terms and conditions are binding in the form and in relation to the content that was available to the parties on the day of conclusion of the contract.
3.4     In the event of a change to the general terms and conditions, changes shall become binding for the client on the day they become known to them.
3.5     It is considered that customer is acquainted with the changes at the time of publication of the change on the website policetech.eu and upon receiving the notification of the change. This means that the customer agrees to the change in the general terms and conditions.   
3.6     A customer who does not agree to a change to the general terms and conditions shall within twelve days of receiving the notification of the change, make a written statement to Digitklik. If the party does not communicate its disagreement with the changed business conditions within the specified time limit, it shall be
         deemed to be fully in agreement with the amendment.
3.7     If the client makes a statement that he does not agree with the changed terms of business, Digitklik has the right to withdraw from the contract.
3.8     Changed business conditions are also binding on consumers, if the consumer agrees to a written statement, contract or an annex to the change. Otherwise, consumers will be subject to those general terms and conditions applicable at the time of the conclusion of the
3.9     In case that any individual clause in the contract or general terms would be invalid or infeasible or if there is a legal vacuum, this does not affect other provisions in the contract or general terms, whereby the parties agree that the provision closest to the purpose of the contract is used instead of an invalid or infeasible
          or  non-existent provision.
4.      Conflict of legal provisions
4.1    In case of  that the general terms in question are contrary to other general conditions of Digitklik, the provision that is more specific in the specified case applies.  
4.2    Digitklik and the client may exclude the application of individual provisions of these general terms and conditions if the provisions are not in conformity wit the terms of the contract or with the general purpose of the contract.
4.3    If general conditions are contrary to consumer protestion rules- natural persons, relevant consumer legislation is applied in this section.
5.     General provisions
5.1    The customer is obliged to notify Digitklik of all information and facts relevant to the establishment and continuation of the legal business relationship, with particularly important information on changing the client's place of residence or changing the ownership structure of the client, changing the legal organizational
         form of the client, insolvency (insolvency) of the client irrespective of whether the legal conditions for the introduction of bankruptcy or compulsory settlement are provided and other data, events and situations that may affect the legal relationship between Digitklik and the client
5.2    Digitklik gathers some personal information from customers: names and surnames or corporate names, electronic and regular address and telephone number. Digitklik collects data in the event of an online purchase, a coupon order, e-coupons, and an order for e-news and other e-publications
5.3    Personal information obtained through the website policetech.eu for the purpose of making the online purchase is used exclusively for the purposes of the execution and delivery of the order, unless the party of the web site specifically consented to a different form of use of the transmitted data that can be used for
         other purposes.
 5.4   Digitklik is binding that personal data acquired through the site will be fully stored, protected and processed by Digitklik. With all personal data acquired, the site manager will act in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and in accordance with European legislation.
5.5    Digitklik reserves the right to require proof of  financial status from the client. The Customer explicitly agrees to provide, at the request of Digitklik, without delay, information on its assets, ownership structure, legal organizational status, any possible warranties provided for by the contract, offer or these general terms
         and conditions. If this customer fails to do so, the latter explicitly allows Digitklik to obtain this information from the persons who have this information. The client also authorizes persons to whom this information is intended to enable the company access to and access to such information, and therefore explicitly
         waives the confidentiality and protection of this information against Digitklik and its authorized persons. Digitklik undertakes to use this information only for these purposes of obtaining data for the conclusion of the contract and will not abuse them in any way. In the event that Digitklik does not obtain relevant
         information or is not provided by the customer, Digitklik is not obliged to enter into a contract or enter into a legal relationship with the client.
5.6    The above provision does not apply to consumer clients.
5.7    All records, documents, technical documentation and other documentation related to the subject of the contract are and remain owned by Digitklik even after the conclusion of the contract, unless Digitklik has issued a written authorization for the use of this material. In the event that Digitklik issues a consent for the
         use of this documentation, the customer undertakes to use the said documentation exclusively for maintenance purposes and does not have the right to photocopy and distribution. The Customer agrees and expressly acknowledges that the above documentation constitutes the business secret of Digitklik.
5.8     If the agreement between Digitklik and the customer is not otherwise agreed, Digitklik shall associate the ownership, copyright and related rights with any and all documents that are necessary or guaranteed in connection with the conclusion and execution of the contract.
5.9     All specifications and information relating to weight, dimensions, price, volume, technical or other information included in catalogs, offers, advertisements, advertisements, photographs, pricelists, or other similar forms are considered only as guides or information are not necessarily accurate and binding. This
         information in no way constitutes a binding offer for Digitklik. The customer can not rely on these forms of recordings or advertising.
5.10   Digitklik reserves the right to change the specificity or information referred to in this point without prior notice to the customer, and shall be obliged only in the event that they are specified in the contract.
5.11   Digitklik in dealing with consumers is bound by quotations in advertising on prices, properties of goods and warranty conditions. The prices in advertising messages are indicated in euros and include VAT.
5.12   Technical data and products that are subject to sale can be changed and improved without prior notice, which also applies in case of already ordered products.
5.13   Users who want to unsubscribe from receiving newsletters can do so on the web site policetech.eu.
6.      Prices
6.1    Prices shown on the web site digitshop.si can be changed without prior notice. The prices in the store indicate the prices applicable in the Digitklik store. In the event of any differences between the price on the website and the price in the store, the price at which the product is marked in the store is valid.
6.2    Online prices are the prices that apply in the case of orderdering through the Digitkliks online store. Products at lower online prices are not available in the Digitklik store, although you can find them on the shelves..
6.3    Online prices apply at the time of order submission.
6.4    When dealing with consumers, the prices listed in the Digitklik price list are the net prices to which value tax is to be added, unless otherwise specified in the price list.
6.5    Digitklik will present the final price to which the value added tax will be charged to the client prior to the conclusion of the contract or before the offer for the customer becomes binding
6.6    If the final price can not be calculated in advance due to the nature of the goods or services, Digitklik will inform the customer of the method of calculating the final price
6.7    In the event of a contract for an indefinite period, the final price that Digitklik will give to the customer will include the total costs for each accounting period.
6.8    Prices are valid at the time of ordering. In the event that the price information is incorrect or the prices change during processing, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract
6.9    In the case of product delivery, standard packaging is included in the price of the product, while additional packaging and shipping costs are additionally charged by Digitklik at the price specified in the price list / agreed by Digitklik and the customer. Prices do not include assembly of products, software, or
         education/training of a customer. Such services are additionally charged.
7.      Delivery terms and conditions
7.1    Digitklik undertakes that the ordered goods will be delivered no later than within 7 working days if it is in stock.
7.2    If the goods are not in stock, the delivery period is from 10 to 160 days.
7.3    If a longer time is needed for the shipment of goods, this is indicated on the website. In the case of goods which can not be dispatched by Digitklik for the unpredictable reasons  within the promised period, Digitklik shall inform the new delivery period via their contact details.
7.4    Delivery is performed in cooperation with the delivery services DPD, GLS and standard Post of Slovenia. The usual delivery time is 2 working days for addresses in the Republic of Slovenia. During the holidays and during the weekends, the delivery time for the public hollidays is appropriately extended.
7.5    Shipping costs are determined by the weight and size of the package and are in agreement between Digitklik and the customer.
7.6    In any case, Digitklik is not responsible for the supply of goods for which it has no influence. Digitklik will endeavor to do everything necessary to deliver the goods as quickly as possible and to keep the customer promptly and regularly informing about possible delays in delivery by the supplier, and in any case
         Digitklik is not liable for the delay or possible non-availability of certain goods in the case of reasons on the supplier's side .
7.7    In the event that the customer does not receive the ordered goods within the time limit specified in point 7.1, must call Digitklik for the fulfillment of the obligation and the delivery of the goods and give him a written deadline of at least 15 days to supply the ordered goods. If Digitklik does not deliver ordered goods
         (regardless of the reason) during the additional deadline, the customer may withdraw from the concluded contract and request refund of the already paid amounts for the purchase of goods.
7.8    Digitklik is never responsible for the delay or non-delivery of goods in the event of wars, riots, demonstrations, governmental interventions, fire, floods and other natural disasters, import or export embargoes or any other similar reasons or reasons of force majeure which Digitklik can not influence.
7.9    For all of the reasons mentioned above, the delivery time is suspended for the duration of the above-mentioned situation, and after the situation has elapsed, the time limits will run from their interruption.
7.10   in case when after conclusion of the contract the client make changes to the order or if there are different or new requirements regarding the subject of the contract, Digitklik's consent to obtain a change of the contract or contract or to accept a new one contract with the modified amended, updated conditions (eg
          price, subject of contract, delivery time ...).
7.11   All customers can personally pick up ordered products in the store.
8.      Payment
8.1     Digitklik provides the following payment methods:
         o    cash on delivery or pick up of the goods,
         o    bank transfer.
8.2     On orders with pro forma invoices received between workdays between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, the company generally responds the same day.
8.3     The application for the issue of a pro forma invoice may be submitted on its own initiative and separately from the order. The application for the issue of pro formainvoice can also be submitted in the process of completion of the online order. Such a pro forma invoice will be automatically transmitted in .pdf form.
9.       Pick up goods
9.1     The subject of the contract must be filled in at the place agreed in the contract or offer. If the place of performance is not specified in the contract or offer, Digitklik and the customer may subsequently agree on it. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, where does the delivery of the Digitklik acceptance take place,
          taking into account the customer's own discretion, bearing in mind that all supplies outside Digitklik are paid by the customer.
9.2     The client is obliged to accept the subject of the contract no later than 15 days after receipt of the written notice from Digitklik, in accordance with the previous points regarding the place of delivery / fulfillment. If the exact time of delivery or takeover of the goods is not agreed, Digitklik has the right to determine the
          exact time. Digitklik must in this case notify the client in an appropriate manner agreed in these general terms and conditions, where and at what time period the goods will be delivered to the customer.
10.      Pre-orders
10.1    The "pre-order" category is intended for pre-ordering products marked with a yellow "pre-order" tag. The delivery time for pre-order products is approx. 30-60 days. Pre-order can be made exclusively after prepayment of an advance through an online order, which is treated in the same way as the order of other
10.2    After the payment is made, it is no longer possible to cancel the order.
10.3    Upon receipt of an order, the item can not be returned, replaced or requested to return money, if they do not have any injuries or cease to operate during the warranty period.
10.4    In the event of an error in product, the customer must notify Digitklik within 14 days and complete the complaint claim. The product may be replaced, or refund is made.
11.     Warranty
11.1    Digitklik guarantees the quality of the product or a faultless operation within the warranty period, if you use it in accordance with its purpose and the accompanying instructions.
11.2    Digitklik's warranty does not apply to damaged goods or misuse or use of the products in a way that does not conform to the normal use of the goods.
11.3    The period of warranty shall start from the date of delivery of the product to the customer.
11.4    Digitklik's warranty liability is excluded if the product has been serviced, repaired, or otherwise tampered by any unauthorized person or if the product has been irregularly maintained. Warranty liability applies only to the product listed on the warranty card.
12.      Responsibility for actual and legal errors
12.1    Digitklik is responsible for clerical errors, up to the moment when the risk of accidental destruction or damage is passed on to the client. This moment usually arises with the acquisition of goods.
12.2    The customer is obligated immediately or. as soon as possible, examine the subject of the contract, determine if there are any mistakes on it and immediately notify the seller about the error and make a complaint. Otherwise, Digitklik does not take into account clerical errors.
12.3    The customer is obliged to notify Digitklik immediately of any clerical errors, otherwise it is not warranted.
12.4    The consumer is obliged to notify Digitklik about the error within two months from the day the error was discovered.
12.5    Digitklik shall be liable for clerical errors occurring within two years of the date of delivery of the goods to the consumer
12.6    Digitklik warrants that a third party does not have ownership or copyright on the subject of the contract or industrial property rights that would exclude, reduce or restrict the rights of the client, or that these rights are regulated by their contractual partners.
 13.    Contracts concluded at a distance or outside the business premises of Digitklik
13.1    Digitklik also concludes contracts with customers either at a distance or outside the business premises of Digitklik. The following provisions apply to those contracts concluded in such a way with consumers.
13.2    In the case of a distance contract and a contract concluded outside business premises, the customer has the right to notify Digitklik within 14 days of withdrawing from the contract without having to state the reason. The deadline shall begin on the day the customer acquires the goods in hispossession. If the
          subject of the contract consists of several pieces of goods, the said period shall begin to run from the date on which the client acquires the actual possession over the last piece of goods or over the last shipment. If the subject of the contract is a regular delivery of goods, the specified period starts to run on the day
          the customer receives the first piece of goods
13.3    The customer is obliged to inform Digitklik of the withdrawal from the contract in writing by regular mail or by e-mail. The cancellation statement must be clear and unambiguous.
13.      In the event of withdrawal, the costs of returning the goods shall be covered by the customer.
14.      Contract withdrawal
14.1    In the event of a breach of one or more of the terms of the contract or of these terms and conditions, Digitklik has the right to immediately withdraw from the contract without providing an additional deadline for the correction of errors and notice period.
14.2    Digitklik also has the right to withdraw from the contract, in case a customer other than the consumer becomes insolvent or insolvent if the blocked funds in the business account are for more than 15 days if a compulsory settlement or bankruptcy procedure is introduced or just proposed.
14.3    Digitklik also has the right to withdraw from the contract, in case a customer which is not consumer becomes insolvent or has blocked funds in the business account more than 15 days if a compulsory settlement or bankuptcy procedure is introduced or just proposed.  
15.      Disclaimer
15.1    Digitklik seeks to ensure the up-to-date and correctness of data published in the online store. Nevertheless, product properties, delivery times or prices can change so quickly that Digitklik can not repair data in an online store. In this case, Digitklik will notify the customer of the changes and will allow him to resign
          from the order or to replace the ordered item.
15.2    Digitklik reserves the right to withdraw (in part) from the performance of the order in cases where the ordered products are no longer available, if we find an increased payment risk of the buyer if the order form was not fulfilled in accordance with the general terms or if there was a manifest error in the price list . In all 
          such and similar cases, the customer will be immediately notified of any withdrawal from the contract
15.3    Although Digitklik is trying to provide accurate photographs of sales items, all photographs should be taken as symbolic. Photos do not provide product features.
16.      Return of goods
16.1    The consumer can withdraw from the contract within 14 days after receiving the ordered goods, without being required to state the reason for his decision. A message is deemed timely if the consignment is submitted within the time limit. The return of the ordered goods to the company within 14 days of receipt is
          equivalent to the cancellation message.
16.2    Goods may be returned within 30 days of the contracted withdrawal notice in two ways:
          o    The purchased goods are sent with the invoice and all related documentation, undamaged to: Digitklik, Špruha 31, 1236 Trzin. Upon the return of goods, the shipping costs are covered by the consumer. In the case of shipments with ransom, we reserve the right to a proportional reduction in the returned refund.
          o    Customer can ciome to Digitklik store with purchased goods and return them with accompanying documentation and packaging.
16.3    The product must be returned in its original packaging. The product must be undamaged and unchanged. If the customer expresses the desire for a refund, Digitklik returns it exclusively through a personal bank account. Refunds are not paid in cash.
16.4    The option of refund does not apply to orders made according to customer's wishes, which are not in the ordinary stock.
17.     Business secret
17.1   The contracts concluded between Digitklik and the customer are a trade secret. Also, the business secret is know how and all the information Digitklik provides to the customer prior to the conclusion of the contract, such as various graphs, tables, pricelists, business / financial data, etc. The customer undertakes to
         maintain the business secrets of Digitklik for the duration of the contractual relationship.
17.2   The information which disclosure could cause great harm to Digitklik should be preserved by the customer as a business secret for 5 years after the expiration of the contractual relationship. In the event of breach of  professional secrecy, the client is criminal responsible and legally liable.  The contracting parties may
         agree in the contract for exemptions from those provisions.
18.    Complaint procedure and dispute resolution
18.1   An exclusive law of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply to the interpretation of these terms of sale or contracts concluded between Digitklik and the client. The contracting parties undertake to settle all disputes in a peaceful manner, in case of exhaustion of all out-of-court channels for reaching an agreement, the
         dispute shall be settled by the court of competent jurisdiction in the Republic of Slovenia in relation to the seat of Digitklik.
18.2   Digitklik respects the existing consumer protection legislation. Digitklik has an effective complaints handling system and a certain person, who, in the event of a problem, can contact the customer via telephone or e-mail. The complaint is submitted via e-mail info@digitklik.si. The complaint processing procedure is
18.3   Digitklik will confirm within five working days that it has received the complaint, informed the buyer how long it will handle it and keep it informed about the progress of the procedure.
18.4   Digitklik works to the best of its ability to resolve any dispute by mutual consent.
18.5   According to the legal norms, the online store Digitklik does not recognize any performer of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for solving a consumer dispute that the consumer could launch in accordance with the Law on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.
18.6   Digitklik, which as the owner of goods and services enables the online store in the RS, publishes an electronic link on the Internet Dispute Resolution Consumer Platform (SRPS) on its website. The platform is available to consumers here.
19.     Cheapest in the EU
19.1   Promotional action  “The cheapest in EU” is designed to offer customers the lowest price on the market. Submit a competitive offer of the same  product from another seller to your sales staff at Digitklik's physical store and  we will in accordance with current Slovenian legislation, equalize the price.  
19.2   This action relates to both regular and products with action prices with a competitive seller. it compares the price actually paid by the customer at the time of purchase, including VAT, all fees and other contributions.
19.3   The product offered by the competition must be new, with the same designation and other characteristics.
19.4   As a proof you can attach:
         o    pro forma invoice or offer, which should not be older than 48 hours or
         o    a competitive sales catalog or advertisement flyer that must be valid on the day of the Digitklik store visit
         o    a screen shot of the competing product on a competitive website with a visible date of offer or
         o    URL link of competitive offer
19.5   Price equalization does not apply to competing free gifts, vouchers, refunds, services, various ways of financing, a loyalty card or any other promotional price for a competitor. The campaign Equalize the price can not be used simultaneously with other campaigns. In the event that the comparable product is not
         currently in stock, our sales staff will give you information on the delivery date. Regardless of the time of delivery, we will adjust and equate the price.
20.    The general terms and conditions apply from 1.1.2017