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8 channel up to 12Mp / Recording up to 80Mbps / 2x AI (protected area) / 4x SMD + human and vehicle detection / 1x face recognition

> New 4.0 user interface
> Remote surveillance, live view and video play on mobile phone App
> Max. decoding capability: 4×1080P@30fps. Supports adaptive decoding
> Supports mainstream cameras of ONVIF and RTSP protocols
> H.264/.H265/Smart H.264+/Smart H.265+/MJPEG, H.265 auto switch
> 1 VGA/1 HDMI simultaneous video output by default, the maximum resolution of HDMI is 4K; and non-simultaneous video output is also supported, the maximum resolution is 1080P
> 1-channel face detection and recognition (AI by NVR); or 2-channel perimeter detection (AI by NVR); or 4-channel SMD (AI by NVR); up to 10 face databases and 5,000 face images
> Security baseline 2.1

Main Processor: Industrial-grade embedded processor
Operating System: Embedded Linux
Operation Interface: Web/operating in local GUI

Access Channel: 8 channels
Network Bandwidth: 80 Mbps for access, 80 Mbps for storage and 60 Mbps for forwarding
Resolution: 12M/8M/5M/4M/3M/2M/720p/D1
Decoding Capability: 1-channel 8MP@30fps; 4-channel 1080p@30fps
Video Output: 1 VGA/1 HDMI simultaneous video output by default, the maximum resolution of HDMI is 4K
Multi-screen Display: 1/4/8/9
Third Party Camera Access: Onvif, RTSP

Video: H.264/.H265/Smart H.264+/Smart H.265+/MJPEG
Audio: PCM/G711A/G711U/G26/AAC

Network Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, RTSP, UDP, NTP, DHCP, DNS
Mobile Phone Access: Android, iOS
Interoperability: ONVIF (profile T/profile S/profile G), CGI, SDK
Browser: Chrome, IE9 or above, Firefox

Record Playback
Multi-channel Playback: Up to 8 channels playback
Record Mode: Priority of record mode: Manual recording > alarm recording > motion detection recording > timed recording
Storage: Local HDD and network
Backup: USB device
Playback Function: Play, pause, stop, fast forward, fast backward, rewind, play by frame; Full screen, backup (cut/file), partially enlarge, audio on/off

SMD Plus
Performance: 4 channels
AI Search: Search by target classification (human, vehicle)

Face Recognition
Performance: Max 8 face pictures/sec processing; 1 channel video stream face recognition
Stranger Mode: Detect strangers' faces (not in device's face database). Similarity threshold can be set manually
AI Search: Up to 8 target face images search at same time, similarity threshold can be set for each target face image
Database Management: Up to 10 face databases with 5,000 face images in total. Name, gender, birthday, address, certificate type, cerificate No., countries®ions and state can be added to each face picture
Database Application: Each database can be applied to video channels independently
Trigger Events: Buzzer, Voice Prompts, Email, Snapshot, Recording, Alarm Out, PTZ Activation, etc.
Alarm Linkage: Video recording, snapshot, log, preset, tour

Perimeter Protection
Performance: 2 channels
Object classification: Human/Vehicle secondary recognition for tripwire and intrusion
AI Search: Search by target classification (human, vehicle)

General Alarm: Motion detection, privacy masking, video loss, PIR alarm, IPC alarm
Anomaly Alarm: Front-end device going offline, storage error, full storage, IP conflict, MAC conflict, login lock, network security anomaly
Alarm Linkage: Video recording, snapshot, log, preset, tour

External Port
HDD: 1 SATA port, up to 6 TB. The maximum HDD capacity varies with environment temperature
USB: 2 rear USB 2.0 ports
VGA: 1
Network: 1 RJ–45 port (10/100 Mbps)
RCA Input: 1
RCA Output: 1

General Parameter
Power Supply: DC 12V, 1.5A
Power Consumption: Total output of NVR is ≤ 10W (without HDD)
Net Weight: 0.45 kg
Gross weight: 1.07 kg
Product Dimensions: 204.6 mm × 206.4 mm × 48.1 mm (W × L × H)
Package Dimensions: 96 mm × 364 mm × 261 mm (W × L × H)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity: 10%–93%
Storage Humidity: 30%–85%
Operating Altitude: 3000 m
Installation: Desktop mounting
Certifications: CE/FCC